'A light in dark places'



Bluespirit (written under the pseudonym Cassidy Collins)

Fandom: The Professionals
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Doyle's had enough & decides it's time to sort Bodie out once & for all.
Spoilers: None
Word count: 2 947

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. The characters and universe are the property of Brian Clemens and Mark One Productions.  This fic is meant solely for entertainment purposes and no copyright infringement is intended.


'Just been fucked by Raymond Doyle'.

That's what the sign around Bodie's neck read.

Not that there really was a sign of course, but there ought to be one - in bold, black letters a foot high. Or maybe it should say 'Property of Raymond Doyle - if lost please return to rightful owner.' Well, whatever it did or didn't say, as he walked down the corridor of CI5 he could feel its presence as if it was hanging there as large as life. It felt like the truth was shining from him and anyone had only to glance in his direction and they'd know exactly what had happened last night.

That he'd been fucked by Raymond Doyle, and right royally too. His partner certainly knew what he was doing when it came to bedroom gymnastics and no mistake. Clenching his buttocks together slightly, a delicious soreness reminded him of that fact in spades. Bodie felt the heat of a blush rise and stain his face. He looked quickly along the corridor but luckily he was alone as the memory of the previous night caused his face to burn ever hotter.

It had all begun the previous afternoon. The so-called straightforward op they were involved with had suddenly turned dicey and as Doyle and himself had entered the old warehouse complex, a previously unseen assailant had lined Doyle up in his sights. Without a thought Bodie had thrown himself at his partner, pushing Doyle safely to the floor and just out of range of the gunman's bullet. Bodie had then managed to wing the man and they had taken him, and two others found there, safely into custody. An IRA bomb-making factory had been successfully dismantled and Cowley was particularly pleased, as he was now able to question the men and perhaps gain leads to other cells operating within the city.

Doyle had seemed less pleased with the whole business. Of course it hadn't helped that when Bodie had shouldered Doyle out of the bullet's path he'd fallen into a pool of something dank & oily. Back at base, Bodie had offered a shame-faced apology as Doyle had stomped off to the shower block without a word. He'd then spent interminable minutes resolutely avoiding thinking about his partner naked under the pounding jets of water. As usual he had failed miserably and ended up taking his frustration out on the battered keys of the typewriter as he made a start on their report. He knew it did no good to dream of what he could never have and so tried to bury his longing amongst the stark facts of ink on paper.

Doyle had returned, dressed in clean clothes and with his freshly dried hair softly framing his face like a halo. However his mood hadn't improved, in fact Bodie had been surprised at his partner's sullen demeanour. He would have at least expected a verbal thrashing for his impetuous behaviour. He knew what he'd done had put his own life at risk but in his mind that wasn't important - Doyle's safety was paramount and if his actions earned him a barney then so be it. Even so, it had been with some trepidation that he'd got into the car with Doyle after Cowley had dismissed them that evening. His partner's temper was fiery to say the least and Bodies weren't stupid after all.


It had been Doyle's turn to pick him up that morning and so they'd used the gold Capri for the day's activities. Bodie was hoping that Doyle would just have his say and then drop him back at home. However, Doyle was silent during the short drive and Bodie was less than surprised when they pulled to a sharp stop outside Doyle's flat rather than his own. It looked like he was in for a long evening; including whatever shouting match his partner thought he deserved.

With a terse, "Inside now." Doyle was out of the car and striding up the path. Locking the doors behind him, Bodie gave a quiet sigh and trailed after his partner.

Entering the flat he decided that some damage control might be in order; a way to deflect some of Doyle's anger and perhaps reduce the impending explosion. Seeing the tense set of his partner's shoulders, he began in a placating tone, holding his hands before him, "Look Ray...."

No sooner had the words left his mouth than Doyle swung around. Using his entire body he pushed Bodie against the door, slamming it shut with a resounding thump that engaged the automatic security locks. Fists knotted in the lapels of Bodie's jacket, Doyle shook his head and pushed again, crowding further against him.

"No, Bodie! No bloody more! That's enough - I've had it!"

Bodie was stunned at his partner's vehemence.


"You just don't understand do you, you bloody great twit? Well I've had enough - I'm not putting up with this anymore. It's time you understood how things stand, time I showed you a thing or two I reckon. You're mine, Bodie - bloody mine! And no one's taking you away from me...not some bloody shooter and certainly not you!"

At that Doyle grasped Bodie's head in both hands and brought their lips together in a fierce kiss. Mouth opening passively in shock, Bodie felt a slow burn begin low in his gut as Doyle's tongue thrust and plundered at will. The heat of his partner's mouth was a revelation, searing its mark of possession and then soothing with a sweet slickness. That knowing tongue seemed to be everywhere, taking ownership as no one else ever had. Finally regaining some lucidity, Bodie began to join in the claiming - tentatively following Doyle's tongue and exploring the dark joy of that sinfully sweet mouth. The chipped tooth that had been a tempting siren for so long was now traced and memorised as Bodie fell deeper into the kiss. Where Doyle dominated and controlled the meeting of mouths, Bodie revered and worshipped.

Feeling Doyle begin to draw away slightly, Bodie opened his eyes, unaware that he'd even closed them and looked a little fearfully at his partner. The predatory gaze he saw in return sent waves of heat to pool in his already aching groin.

"Ray?" His voice cracked as he spoke.

"Bed, Bodie," Doyle commanded in a low tone that set the hairs on his neck on end. "Now."

Scrambling to comply, Bodie found himself manhandled into the nearby bedroom and stripped naked before he could hardly draw breath. Sprawled on his back across the bed, Bodie looked up from under his lashes at his partner who was now standing immobile.

Casually starting to strip off his clothes with a grace and economy of movement, Doyle spoke. "It's time you realised how things are, Bodie. No more stupid stunts like today. You're mine and I won't have it. Need a bloody keeper, you do and it's lucky for you that I want the job. I've had enough of all this pratting about - time to make you see what's what."

As he finished undressing, Doyle ran a possessive eye over the body stretched out for his pleasure.

"Fuckin' beautiful, that's what you are." The last of his words were smothered as he covered Bodie with his body and took his mouth in another bruising kiss.

"A bloody work of art...all this porcelain white skin covering so much muscle. Fuck. All hard lines and shadows aren't you? Fuckin' gorgeous." Doyle's words were muffled as he trailed kisses over Bodie's neck and chest, sucking on hardened nipples and biting at the wings of his collarbone. To Bodie it seemed that there was just too much raw sexuality to be caged within Raymond Doyle and that it overflowed in this litany of lewd and breath-taking murmurs.

Doyle continued to vocalise as he explored and laid claim to the body beneath him. Bodie groaned in frustration however when he was tipped over onto his stomach before Doyle had even touched his needy cock.

"Ray! Please...." He wailed pitifully though his protest was abruptly stifled when Doyle grabbed his arse and began to knead the clenching muscles.

Parting the pale buttocks to reveal the darkly shadowed cleft, Doyle lowered his head and blew lightly across the quivering opening to Bodie's body.

"Beautiful, sweetheart," he whispered before kissing the pucker and opening it with his tongue.

Bodie went rigid, his muscles straining, and he began to moan low in his throat at each probe and swirl of his partner's tongue. He was aching for more as clever lips and teeth nipped around the tender skin and he began to push forward, humping his throbbing cock against the sheet and then pushing back to impale himself more fully on Doyle's tongue. The dual sensations were like liquid fire, causing his arousal to rocket higher and he sobbed out his need.

"Please, please...Ray."

A final lick before the hot little invader was gone and Bodie found himself swiftly pulled over onto his back once more. Doyle knelt between his open legs and eyed him with a hard stare.

"Do you understand now, Bodie? Do you see how it is?"

Gazing up at his partner, Bodie tried to swallow as his mouth went suddenly dry. Doyle looked dangerous - his hair was highlighted in the lamplight and his eyes seemed to be flashing like green ice. Subtle musculature was set into stark relief and his face was a mixture of predator and lover. Not trusting his voice, Bodie nodded slowly and willed that his perceptive partner would understand his acceptance and desire to be claimed.

Smiling in a way that sent Bodie's heart rate soaring, Doyle leaned down and gusted a hot growl into his ear. "Good."

The next moment all the breath seemed to rush from Bodie in a long, lush moan as Doyle bit down into the soft skin where neck meets shoulder, raising a tingling red mark of ownership. Before he could gather his wits, he was reeling from the sensations as Doyle licked a slow, torturous path from his neck to his cock, pausing only to bite at flushed nipples along the way. On reaching his destination, Doyle sucked the rosy shaft into his mouth and laved it with his tongue, drawing another low groan from his partner. Reaching across to the bedside table with one hand, Doyle snagged a small tube and quickly coated his fingers with its slick contents. Face showing a fierce determination tempered with gentleness, he carefully prepared Bodie for penetration; teasing the already saliva-coated pucker to open and accept first one finger then another. All the time he worked at the feverish little hole, his mouth continued to torment the weeping cock - licking at the drops of salty fluid now flowing freely from the slit until Bodie was grinding his hips in time with his sobbing moans.

Feeling Doyle release his cock, Bodie drew in a shaky breath and looked up. Withdrawing his fingers slowly and smiling at Bodie's sigh of protest, Doyle reached again for the tube and began to stroke his erection with slippery fingers.

"See this, beautiful? This is for you - I'm goin' to take you and make you mine. Fuckin' right I am."

As he spoke he slowed his actions, allowing Bodie to see the full size of the hardened flesh in his palm. In the lamplight the lubricant shone on the long column, emphasising the uncut head stretching the foreskin back fully along the thick shaft. Keeping eye contact, Doyle reached for Bodie's legs that had splayed open so naturally, and lifted them so that the ankles sat easily on his shoulders. Leaning forward a little, he placed a kiss on the inside of Bodie's knee, as the head of his cock rubbed against his pulsating hole. With one long, slow push Doyle breached the entrance, moving steadily yet gently until the penetration was complete. Bodie's eyes widened and he cried out as his body stretched and burned, desperate to accommodate the fullness, and then he sighed as Doyle's balls nudged at his cheeks. He tried to speak but could only lose himself in the face of the man impaling him so perfectly.

As he watched, Doyle reached and entwined their hands, moving them to the place where their bodies were now joined. Bodie gasped as he felt the hilt of Doyle's shaft stretching his body wide, piercing him completely. Doyle moved their fingers around and slipped out a little before pushing forward once more, allowing Bodie to feel himself being taken.

"This means you're mine now, Bodie. You belong to me."

Lifting his head in search of those tempting lips, Bodie whispered, "Always have been, angelfish."

As if signalling an end to Doyle's restraint, Bodie felt his mouth taken in a bruising kiss and then he was being forced back into the mattress by the power of the cock pistoning into his body. He couldn't ever remember feeling anything so right. He'd known from almost their first meeting that he was attracted to his partner, an attraction that had steadily grown into love but he'd never expected anything in return. This was so unexpected and so amazing. The friction caused by the push and pull of that heavy cock working his arse was incredible, he just couldn't describe it. Then he was beyond all coherent thought as Doyle hammered stroke after stroke against his prostate, sending pulses of pleasure along every nerve. Too soon Bodie could feel the familiar tightening in his groin and began squeezing down, trying to prolong the ecstasy. However this caused Doyle to redouble his efforts, thrusting relentlessly, all the time whispering filthy, shocking, wonderful things into Bodie's neck as he licked and bit the skin. When Doyle grasped Bodie's cock whilst taking his mouth in a devouring kiss, the stimulation was too much and he came, howling his completion against his lover's tongue. The powerful contractions of his orgasm grabbed at the hard length seated within him and Bodie moaned as he felt Doyle's hot seed flood his body.

"Bodie! Jesus fuckin' Christ, Bodie, Bodie, Bodie."

With that, Doyle's arms gave way and he slumped down, gathering Bodie in a fierce grasp, his body still shaking in the aftermath of orgasm. Bodie eased his arms around his lover, rubbing at the strong back and shoulders and burying his face in Doyle's now sweaty neck. He wasn't entirely sure what had just happened, beyond the obvious fantastic sex. It seemed certain that Doyle had laid claim to him but did his partner see this in the same way that he did? This was everything he could ever want, to be with be loved by Doyle...forever. But what about Doyle? What did he want beyond this? Was this just sex, a passing thing until he grew bored or....

"Stop it." His partner rolled to one side slightly and fixed Bodie with a knowing look.

"What? Stop what?"

"All that thinking - I can hear the gears grinding a mile away." A brief kiss on the tip of Bodie's nose took the sting out of the words. "Remember, sunshine - you're the beauty of this partnership or so you keep telling me. So that makes me the brains. In other words, stop worrying. To answer your questions, yes I love you and yes this is for good, not just a one off."

"But? Wha-? How?"

Doyle silenced his confused partner with another kiss before moving to lie on his back, gathering Bodie in his arms.

Raising his head from Doyle's shoulder, Bodie had to ask. "So when did you get to know so much, then?"

"Since I took the job of your keeper, of course. Now go to'll need your strength...haven't finished with you yet, sweetheart."


Leaning against the wall, Bodie smiled at the memory and then flushed hotly as he remembered just how Doyle had shown him what that last remark had meant. It was likely that he wouldn't be able to sit down for a week, but there again, sitting was over-rated in comparison to....

He was interrupted when the object of his thoughts came strolling along the corridor smiling broadly at him.

"Palely loitering, 3-7? Nothing better to do with your time?"

Returning the cheeky wink, Bodie joined his partner in moving towards Cowley's door. "Just waiting for you, sunshine. Don't want to beard the cow in his den alone, now do I?"

"Never mind, petal - I'll protect you."

Before Bodie could come up with a suitably pithy retort they were at their controller's office and being ushered into the inner sanctum by the redoubtable Betty with a brisk, "He's busy so no hanging about from you two!"

The meeting was indeed short but to the point; a debrief from yesterday's op and orders for their next assignment. As they were leaving, Cowley cast a dour eye over them and held Bodie back for a moment.

"Circumstances seem to have changed, eh Bodie? Just mind it has no effect on yours or Doyle's work, d'you hear."

Bodie flushed deeply and tugged at his polo neck to make sure that it was in fact covering Doyle's mark on his neck. "Sir? Er, what....?"

"Ears like a hawk remember, laddie and eyes! Och, I know my men, now off with you - there's work to do."

With a hasty "Running all the way, sir!" Bodie left to catch up with his partner.

Maybe he was wearing that sign after all.

The End

Originally published in Secret Agent Men 2, Devious Developments Press, 2003

Nominated in the Best Short Story: The Professionals category in the 2004 SCREWZ Awards.

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